Welcome the The Rune Programming Language, a reference guide that will familiarize yourself with Rune.

Rune is an open source embeddable dynamic programming language that compiles and runs on a virtual machine called Runestick (thanks Brendan).

The goal of Rune is to reimagine Rust as a dynamic programming language. Trying to mimic as many concepts as possible, and remixing the ones which do not translate directly. We do this by using the same syntax as Rust. But a few additions are inevitable because certain things are just done differently when you have a dynamic environment.

I also concede that a number of program correctness features you get through static typing will be sorely lacking. The tradeoff you get for this are fast compilation times and duck typing, sometimes leading to more concise and compact code. Python is a great example of this, and is along with Rhai and Lua biggest inspirations for this project.

To read this book, you will definitely want to go to the GitHub project and grab yourself a clone of it. All the examples are in there, and it's highly recommended that you run and tinker them yourself as you encounter them.

With that out of the way, let's get started. We have a bit to go through.