Hello Internet

Less then one month ago I announced Rune on Reddit. And the response has been amazing.

One of the issues raised were issue #45, Community Site for Rune. This site is an attempt to address that.

So let's talk for a second about the tech behind this site. It's driven by Zola and is deployed automatically through GitHub Actions on every push to main. There's a little bit of glue involved to download and run Zola, but apart from that the experience has been really smooth. It's a great project overall.

fn main() -> Result<()> {
    let url = match env::var("ZOLA_URL") {
        Ok(url) => url,
        Err(..) => bail!("missing ZOLA_URL"),

    let target = Path::new("target");
    let bin = target.join("zola");

    if !bin.is_file() {
        println!("Downloading: {}", url);
        let bytes = reqwest::blocking::get(&url)?.bytes()?;
        let decoder = GzDecoder::new(io::Cursor::new(bytes.as_ref()));
        let mut archive = Archive::new(decoder);

    if !bin.is_file() {
        bail!("Missing bin: {}", bin.display());

    let mut it = env::args();

    let status = Command::new(bin).args(it).status()?;

Basically it's perfect. It's part of the repository and I don't have to think too much about it. Hopefully others feel the same and that the threshold for contributing to the site is as minimal as possible.

So now that I've set up the skeleton for it. Let's build something cool!

P.S. And as a final treat, here's a code snippet that you can edit and run! 😊

pub fn main() { println!("Hello World!"); }
Showcasing the integrated editor. Neat, huh?