The Rune Programming Language

Faster integration tests

This is just a quick post to outline a trick that can be used to speed up building of projects which has a lot of integration tests.

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Fixing a common miscompilation in Rune

Hopefully it should be no secret that Rune is a young project. And some shortcuts have been taken when putting together the compiler. One such was how items and their associated metadata was registered.

This particular shortcut happened to be subject to a common source of bugs which desperately needed to be fixed. So in this post I'll describe the issue in the hopes that it will be useful to other prospective language authors, and describe how it was fixed.

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This month and a half in Rune

A bit more than one month ago I announced Rune 🥳. And the response so far has been amazing.

A lot of stuff has happened since then, so in this post I'll detail some of the developments since the initial announcement.

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Hello Internet

Less then one month ago I announced Rune on Reddit. And the response has been amazing.

One of the issues raised were issue #45, Community Site for Rune. This site is an attempt to address that.

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